To whomever this may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to recommend Alessia Chisena. As the Station Manager at TAP Portugal, I had the pleasure of working as Alessia’s supervisor when she was employed here as a passenger service agent. Responsible, punctual and very resourceful, Alessia was among the best talent representing TAP Portugal and I completely endorse her qualification and skill set. 

I was  continuously impressed by the hard work and dedication she brought to the table each and every night. Being greatly ambitious, Alessia combines her strong drive and ability to learn quickly to constantly look for work and take on new responsibilities without being asked. On countless occasions, Alessia was able to ensure order and fluidity in airport procedures as she is able to work at a very fast pace while simultaneously performing a variety of tasks at the utmost efficiency. During her two years with us, Alessia became an integral and dependable part of our team as she progressed rapidly, becoming skillful in challenging positions such as Gate Lead and Bridge Operator, in addition to her original duties.

 While Alessia’s professionalism and attention to detail was immensely valuable to TAP Portugal, her ability to be a wonderful team player. She is always consistent in maintaining a positive work environment as she is optimistic, engaging and easy to get along with.  She is a true joy to work alongside and has fostered many positive relationships within our airline.  

With that said I am highly confident in my recommendation and believe Alessia would be valuable asset. I have no doubt that Alessia will be a great fit in any position as a great addition to any team. If you would like to speak to me further about my experience with Alessia, please feel free to contact me with the information listed above.

Ricardo Grant 
647 297 2793